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You can then copy and past it into each box.

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Once submitted Page 1 will open and six boxes will appear (laid out like a page in the magazine)
Box 1 must contain text (the start of your article)
Boxes 2 to 6 can contain text or a photo but not both
Allowing you to produce your own page

Each text box will accept up to 3000 characters
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When a box will not allow any more text click "Save Page" and then move on to the next box.
For text use the boxes in numerical order - Box 1 then Box 2 then Box 3 etc
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When all six boxes are filled in either by your article or a photo click the "Save Page" button again and you will then be given the option to continue on Page 2
If using page 2 again the format is the same i.e. Box 1 must contain text etc etc
You can produce up to three pages for any one article here.

When you have completed your article click the "Finished" button.

When the Finished button is clicked an automatic email will be sent to the Bug Club Magazine editor (John) telling him there is an article here that he can use should he wish.
The Editor has the option to use all, some or none of the article, If all or some he has the right to revamp it and lay it out in the magazine as he feels best. He will mark it with the Magazines issue number that it will appear in. Once marked you will not be able to ammend your article.
Non Bug Club members at this time will be asked for their home address so a copy of the magazine can be sent as a keep sake and thank you present.
If none of the article is used it will be shown on this site straight away subject to the site admins approval.

You can ammend your article or change the photos at any time prior to it being marked or shown on this site, which ever comes first.

The editor and site admin have the right to delete any inappropriate material submitted.

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